Schools Provision

We offer places to Year 10/11 students at Trans4m and work with a range of schools across the city and county. Our provision is highly flexible and can involve placements from one morning per week, to four full days. The length of the course can last from a few weeks to the full academic term. Varied programmes can be provided for students, which can include sessions in either one skill area or across several areas.  Timetables can include enrichment and development sessions including sports and active lifestyle, personal development and work skills, all of which can lead to an additional qualification.

Lunches can be provided for students on free school meals and schools invoiced for by prior agreement.  Trans4m has an onsite student canteen offering an affordable menu during breaks and dinnertime and a safe and sheltered environment for students to mix and make new friends.

Our full schools prospectus will be available shortly.

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