Construction Skills


Course Dates 

Roll on Roll off throughout the year

Course Details
This course involves attending 3-4 days per week and you will learn the following skills:

• Bricklaying
• Painting and Decorating
• Carpentry & Joinery

The training is practical from the start, which means you’ll be laying bricks, painting or sawing on the first day. We rotate through the three trades so that you can experience each one fully and decide which one that you could turn into a career. In addition to the practical training, our tutor delivers a series of sessions on Health and Safety, careers in construction and how to transport and handle resources on-site. This ensures that you are able to work safely and are prepared for the challenges of a career in construction.

The Level 1 BTEC Diploma in Construction includes ten units that cover a wide range of skills. These include Bricklaying Skills, Papering Skills, Moving and Handling Resources, Health and Safety, Working in Construction. The qualification is nationally recognized as a foundation to developing the skills and knowledge required for a career in construction.

Costs and Financial Support

The course is FREE to students ages 16-19. There are also NO costs for tools, materials or equipment. Students may also be eligible for a weekly bursary payment to cover travel and food expenses. As this is a full-time course, parents / carers will be eligible for child related benefits.

Career Progression
There are many options for progression from the Diploma in Construction, including Further Education, apprenticeships or employment. We generally advise that our learners specialise in one trade, such as bricklaying,on a Level 2 course. If you are in a hurry to get into employment, you could also apply for entry-level jobs in construction, on completion of the course, such as Site Labourer and put your skills to use in industry.

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